Eupilio, May 6, 2015


In the 60s, the rowing clubs overlooking the west branch of the Lake of Como, begin to face the first problems due to waves caused by navigation, more and more frequent, and the wind making it more and more agitated the beautiful waters of the Lake of Como.

Alternatives are sought in the smaller lakes, created by the same glacier that created the Lake Como, placed in a semicircle between the Lecco branch to that of Como.

Among these, Lake Pusiano represents the best solution both from a meteorological point of view, thanks to an almost total absence of wind, and from the point of view of the tranquility of the lake; boats navigation being prohibited.

The tranquility of the water they add a length, a width and a total area very suitable to training, technical and training for rowing  activities.

It overlooks then the first company that later in the '80s invite the Italian Rowing Federation to consider the possibility of funding a Center device, critical to the competitive activity of the Lake Como society. They are the last years of a great and beloved Federal President is very sensitive to the development of rowing activities that you do not miss the chance to give importance to the practice of the row. It was Paolo D'Aloja to bring in person the funds to build the first boatshouse to the then mayor of Eupilio, Antonio Molteni

Thus began the history of the Eupilio Rowing Center, which later, in the 90s, is expanded alongside a small gym, small changing rooms and a sports medicine center.

The Rowing Clubs in the Lake Como transfer on Lake Pusiano, the operational headquarters for the competitive preparation of their respective teams. Create a committee and begin to work together to manage the center. First and only combination project in Italy.

This brings us to 2010, when, in a beautiful evening at the restaurant of the Canottieri Lario, the Councillor for Sports of the Province of Como, Achille Moioli, exposes to the Clubs a feasibility study to expand and complete the center which was in the meantime It became too small to accommodate all the athletes of the Lake.

Disbelief of the Clubs it has gone as surprise at seeing soon the proposal made a rough draft; The implementation was entrusted to the Consortium of the lake now Basin Authority Lario and Minor Lakes; the project was passed to the request for funding involving over to the provinces of Como and Lecco, the Town Hall od Eupilio, Pusiano, Cesana Brianza, Bosisio Parini, Rogeno, Merone and Erba, the Park od the Segrino Lake, the Lambro Valley Park, the Mountain Community Larian Triangle and the Lombardy Region.

Everyone believes we all agree. You get the assignment of the work and the laying of the first stone; in November of 2012, work began on the construction of what we might call today one of the most beautiful rowing centers of Italy.


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